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The CompTIA Network+ course prepares the student to take the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 certification exam. It covers all exam (N10-007) objectives and additional topics that provide background and context. Demonstrations and instructor commentary throughout the course come from real-world experience. Included are examples and tips that the network professional can use in a production network environment. This course is ideal for an individual developing a career in an IT infrastructure group. During this network course, you will learn concepts that cover troubleshooting, network management, installation and configuration of networks.

Provided CompTIA certifications are vendor-neutral, students will be able to validate his/her skill set in working with network concepts across multiple vendors. It is recommended that students taking the CompTIA Network+ course, have successfully completed the course. Specifically, in this course, you will:

Describe networking concepts
Explain the function and installation of network infrastructure components
Describe network operations concepts and implementation
Describe network security concepts and implementation
Explain network troubleshooting techniques and tool usage

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