Providing Resources

At Bridge to Biz, we are all about providing resources needed to further your education or your career. We brought all these resources to one site where you can find all the opportunities that awaits no matter what educational level you have. Browse the links and look at the opportunities that await you – no matter what skills and experience you have.

Transition Veterans

At Bridge to Biz we know how nerve racking it can be when you are transitioning veteran, most the people who have helped develop this site are retired service members. There is so much information out there and so many different websites to go to that it gets to be overwhelming. Our site wants to help you get through all the information. We want to help you navigate through these sites so you get only the information you need. Areas of interest advisory boards, vets working for vets, what we have to offer for transitioning vets that other sites don’t, benefit information.

Special Needs

We at Bridge to Biz are very excited about being able to help families and people with special needs find resources for educational opportunities and jobs. This area is near and dear to our hearts because the founder of Bridge to Biz, her son is Autistic. We have conducted research and compiled data from across the United States to give you a layout of all resources and opportunities that are available and waiting for you or your family member. We educational benefits from state to state, job opportunities only available for people with special needs and other information to help understand to is available to you or your family member.

No High School Degree or GED

No high school degree or just a GED there are still opportunities for you. We want everyone to know that we’ve compiled opportunities for those who all into the category.

Some College

We have always been that a college degree is how doors are opened but in this ever changing economy this is no longer the case. At Bridge to Biz we want to help you and show what opportunities are out there for people with some college. Life is busy and not everyone has the time to attend a four year college, that’s okay, we’ve found opportunities for anyone who falls in this category

Vocational Schools

At Bridge to Biz we not everyone is cut out for college it doesn’t mean there are no other educational opportunities waiting you. Vocational schools have been pushed aside in favor of colleges and universities. This has left an enormous gap in filling these types of skilled workers. We provide the most current state by state vocational skills available. Let us help you find the skill that rights for you.