What Kinds of Part Time Jobs Can Retirees Get?

Do you ever wonder what you’re going to do with yourself when you retire? Many people are so used to staying busy in the working world that they can’t imagine having boundless amounts of free time. Retirement today looks different than it did 50 years ago. Many retirees continue to work in part time jobs to keep contributing to their bank account, stay active, keep their skills sharp or remain involved in the community.

Work from Home Jobs

Retirees who can’t drive or have mobility issues can work from home. There are many internet-based employers that allow their staff to telecommute. Plus, you don’t have to commit to one company or a fixed schedule when you work from home. Many organizations offer contract work or freelance jobs that keep retirees staying busy while managing their own agendas.

Several freelancing websites allow you to find projects that match your skills. You could write blog posts, do voice-over work or design logos. If you’re crafty, you could be staying busy doing your creative projects while you work from home. Then, you might sell them at local art fairs or online marketplaces.

Consulting Opportunities

Some retirees might not want to work from home because they need face-to-face interaction with others. If you have extensive experience in a particular industry, consider sharing your knowledge as a part time consultant. You’ll be contributing to someone else’s personal and career growth while keeping your own mind engaged.

Reach out to your former employer or a competitor to learn whether they could use your assistance. You can also think about contributing to alumni groups or holding presentations at professional associations to get your name out there.

Mentoring Work

Pairing young people with retirees for mentoring services can make a huge difference in these people’s lives. Grandparents may miss their children and grandchildren. Some children, teenagers and adults may not have the presence of a wise elder in their lives.

Giving retirees opportunities for mentoring younger individuals helps to bridge the generation gap. Mentoring can bust stereotypes about elderly adults and help younger people embrace growing older.

When seniors take on mentoring jobs, they’re contributing to the community in ways that make them feel important and purposeful. Mentoring can go a long way toward improving a senior’s self-esteem and encouraging interpersonal connection.

Part Time Seasonal Jobs

Staying busy with a part time job doesn’t involve much of a commitment if you look for seasonal work. You might want to take advantage of the beautiful weather in the spring but take the summer off to travel. You won’t be tied down if you have a part time seasonal job.

You could work at a garden or nursery, in a retail shop, at a summer camp or as a tax preparer. Staying busy with seasonal jobs is often easy because many employers are looking to hire extra employees during their hectic seasons. You’ll be contributing to their work force when they need the help the most, and you don’t have to feel bad about leaving at the end of the season.

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