Two Year Trades Schools to Fill Skill Gap

Most high school seniors are thinking about what to do after they graduate. While many graduates go on to college, some students do not want to go that route. A four-year school can be expensive. Plus, getting a bachelor’s degree does not necessarily guarantee that you will find lucrative work.

Conventional academia does not necessarily prepare you for the current job market. The workforce in many technical fields is aging. This is leaving positions open for newcomers. But filling skill gap is proving to be challenging because many academics do not have the training that is necessary for specific trades.

Filling skill gap is getting easier as more students are choosing to attend vocational schools, though. The top two-year trade schools in the nation assist with filling skill gap and set you up for a rewarding career with a decent salary. A two-year trade school degree can secure you a job more quickly than a four-year degree.

Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics

If you live in state, this school costs only about $26,000 for a two-year degree. The primary programs that are offered at this school are aviation maintenance and aviation electronics. The school has campuses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, and Ohio. 

The school offers small class sizes so that every student can get the attention that they deserve. Students will also work with a career services coordinator to help them secure a job after graduation. On average, 95 percent of Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics students with a two-year trade school degree from this institution gain employment within 50 days after graduation. 

North Central Texas Technical College

North Central Texas Technical College offers a wide range of study areas for filling skill gap, including business and technology, health, construction, general education, and transportation technology. It even has short-term offerings, such as CMA, CNA and CDL programs.

A two-year trade school degree from here will provide the training and tools that you need to be successful in your field of choice. NCK Tech has consistently ranked highly for many of its programs.

State Technical College of Missouri

State Technical College of Missouri offers programs in agriculture, business, construction, electronics and computer technology, health science, industrial and manufacturing technology, transportation technology and utilities technology. 

Wallethub and Forbes have named State Technical College of Missouri the third top trade school in the nation. It is an ideal option for filling skill gap. Ninety-nine percent of students with a two-year trade school degree from this institution get a job or go on to another school within six months of completing their program.

Lake Area Technical Institute

In addition to offering 30 programs, Lake Area Technical Institute features 15 online trade school degrees. If you do not have time to attend classes in person, you can work on filling skill gap by learning online. 

High school students can take courses for dual credit, gaining college-level experience before they graduate. Then, they can earn a two-year trade school degree even faster.

Lake Area Technical Institute has a 99-percent placement rate. Almost everyone who earns a trade school degree from here gets a job or continues their education within six months after graduation. Moreover, 75 percent of students work while they are taking courses, filling skill gap while they are getting their trade school degree.

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