Organizations That Assist People with Special Needs 

Whether you’re out of work because of an illness or injury or there is another situation that arises that results in not being able to provide for yourself or your family, there are assistance programs available that can offer financial and other types of help. The following are only a few organizations that offer resources that your family might need while also assisting people with special needs. 

Easter Seals

This is an organization that tends to offer more help for those who are disabled or who need financial assistance due to an illness. The organization does help children, those who are in the military, and veterans. You will usually have access to educational resources, such as teachers or tutors who enjoy assisting people with special needs. 

Special Olympics

Various types of sports are represented by coordinators who help from Special Olympics. Disabled individuals can spend a day with others who might face similar health issues while running relays, playing games that build trust, and learning about healthy life choices. 

United Cerebral Palsy

Support and assistance for families who deal with cerebral palsy is offered. When it comes to assisting people with special needs, the organization tries to offer help through teaching individuals how to live on their own or with minimal assistance from others. 

The Arc

Those who have educational disabilities can find resources from The Arc. When assisting people with special needs, the organization takes on all ages and most learning disabilities. If there is an issue that the organization cannot help with, then it tries to find one that can help. 

Friendship Circle International

Those who volunteer with the organization provide resources for assisting people with special needs that include holiday programs and camps during the summer months. The goal of the organization is to provide help and resources so that those who are disabled can live as normally as possible. 

Goodwill Industries International

This is a common organization that is known for assisting people with special needs through education and employment help. Some of the resources provided include helping with resumes and completing job applications. Financial assistance, transportation, and clothing are usually provided as well when the organization can provide. 


Parents Helping Parents

Some of the resources provided are from other parents. Small groups form to talk about everything from difficulties with disabilities to interventions that might be needed. 

Federation for Children with Special Needs

Parents and other family members can learn about disabilities and get the support they need from doctors and other professionals. While assisting people with special needs, the organization advocates for families so that there is someone on their side when applying for financial aid and other programs. 

Special Needs Alliance

When families need to talk to attorneys, the organization helps to put them in touch with the correct office. 

Family Voices

Care is provided for children so that families can meet goals and perform daily activities that they need to complete. The organization also connects families with public resources that they might need.

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