Opportunities for Women

Given the inequality that women have and continue to endure, providing opportunities that allow for upward mobility and educational advancement is essential. From internships to fellowships, there are numerous jobs that are designed specifically for women. Whether you are interested in mentorship programs or establishing a career, below are some options to pursue.

Institute for Women’s Policy Research Internship

If jobs in women-oriented policy research interest you, consider this apprenticeship. You will be asked to provide administrative and research support by collecting data, reviewing literature, designing charts, and making phone calls. For careers in this field, you will need a strong sense of analytical reasoning, organizational skills, and interpersonal    skills.

National Museum of Women in The Arts Internship

Ideal for undergraduates and graduate students, this apprenticeship offers a look into the daily operations of a museum. Participants will work alongside other interns, female artists, and museum professionals. There are plenty of jobs available, including accounting, development, and marketing positions. With unlimited access to the library and research center, you can gain substantial insight into the world of women in the   arts.

Woman Made Gallery Graphic Design Internship

There are plenty of graphic design careers suitable for women, but some have a hard time acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience. Fortunately, this internship allows you     to obtain both. If you are proficient in Photoshop and have a keen eye for design, you will be   a shoo-in for jobs in the graphic design trade. In this intern position, you will be required to hone your communication, research, and illustration   skills.

Herman Family Fellowship for Women in Entrepreneurship

Delving into entrepreneurship is a surefire way to increase upward mobility. If you are a female student at the University of Chicago who is motivated and creative, this may be the opportunity for you. Since you will be feeding your own entrepreneurial interests, think of this as a mentorship program. Along the way, you will provide guidance and insight to yourself.

International Fellowship

Much like it sounds, this opportunity for upward mobility is geared towards female international students who have a desire to make it big in the business realm. Your academic record, professional abilities, and overall potential will determine if this position will lead to any careers. What is more, contenders who reside in their home country are more likely to be chosen as  participants.

Conn Fellowship Fund.

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