No Degree? No Worries.

Approximately two-thirds of the people who graduate from high school go on to college. It seems as though most people believe that getting a bachelor degree can secure you a better opportunity to land a high-paying job than a GED or high school diploma. High paying employment is not always guaranteed, though.

Majors such as rhetoric, fine arts and physical education can land you a job with an average annual salary of about $38,000. That’s not a lot of money when you consider that the average cost to earn a bachelor degree is about $127,000.

The median yearly salary for all U.S. jobs is approximately $38,000. Many of those require no degree. Moreover, several occupations require only a high school diploma or GED and pay much more than that. The following high paying jobs are an excellent opportunity for people with no degree.
Train Signal and Track Switch Repair

Train tracks and switches can malfunction. When they do, they affect thousands of people who use that method of transportation to commute and travel.

Signal and track switch repairers are responsible for monitoring the systems to keep everything running smoothly. They earn a high paying median annual wage of about $70,000 and don’t need prior work experience.

Oil and Gas Industry Jobs

People who operate petroleum pump systems and refineries are compensated well. So are gas plant operators. They usually earn more than $70,000 per year.

However, the opportunity to work in the petroleum industry may be declining as renewable energy becomes more prevalent. Still, you can enter this high paying job with no degree. Extensive on-the-job training is usually necessary.
Power Line Workers

Power line installation and repair is a growing opportunity. This job is projected to increase at almost double the rate of the total U.S. job growth by 2026. The median salary hovers around $70,000 annually.
Branch and Sales Managers

Supervisors in industries other than retail make up a large chunk of the workforce. It may be easy to get employment in these positions if you have prior work experience. You can earn about $73,000 in these positions without no degree and only a high school diploma or GED.
Public Transit Operators

People who drive buses, subways and trains in major urban centers often have high paying salaries of more than $62,000 per year. Although this type of employment can be monotonous, it requires a dedicated work ethic. However, no degree is necessary for these jobs.
Agricultural Managers and Farmers

Whether you have your own farm or manage someone else’s, you can earn about $64,000 with a GED or high school diploma. You may be involved in physical labor, managing crop rotation and harvests or helping other workers find employment on a particular farm or ranch.
Elevator Installation and Repair

Working on elevators can be a risky type of employment. However, as the population continues to grow and more tall buildings are erected, the opportunity to work in this industry is expected to boom. Elevator installers and repairers can make approximately $79,000 per year.
Police Department Sergeants or Captains

Although law enforcement supervisors need no degree, they must attend a police academy and work their way up the ranks. You won’t fall into these jobs immediately after earning your high school diploma or GED, but you could earn $89,000 per year once you have some experience.

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