HR Trends Expected For 2021 

With the use of technology continuing to change the employment market forever, the hiring process has also changed. Many believe it is for the better as it allows them to do their job more effectively and hire more talented individuals from a diverse workforce. There is one thing for sure, technology has created some specific trend waves that will be sure to continue going into 2021 and may require some retraining of your HR employees.

Recruiting Via Text Message Is key

When dealing with younger workers, you need to meet them with their preferred communication streams. Text messaging is on the rise as a popular method utilized by companies for recruiting new, younger workers to create a diverse workforce. This is sparked by the fact that text messages have a 98 percent open rate, usually within a few short minutes of receiving. Company recruiters are receiving faster responses from candidates than when using emails or calls. If your HR department isn’t using text message technology skills for recruitment, they’re going to need to undergo some retraining to develop this vital skill.

The Use Of Chatbots For HR Is Catching On

Chatbots have created a convenient form of technology that allows workers and HR employees to communicate with ease. These chatbots are being utilized by many major companies to boost productivity and employee experience for older and younger workers alike. With such a diverse workforce, having chatbots that can automate specific tasks can reduce the amount of time HR needs to invest in menial tasks. In addition, this technology is being highly utilized for onboarding new, younger workers and retraining existing workers by delivering relevant information.

Professional Outsourcing for Complex Tasks

When it comes to developing technology skills and keeping up with retraining complex employment regulations, many businesses have decided to outsource the leadership of these tasks. The spending on outsourcing human resources is expected to reach $43.8 billion by the year 2024. While a diverse workforce of HR teams is kept in-house for managing internal processes and employees, many tasks are being outsourced. Businesses know that they can pay less to have a professional HR company handle things like technology skills their employees don’t have and dealing with the modern benefit packages that employment regulations require than retraining their own staff to stay up-to-date on this information.

More Money Invested in Leadership Skills

While technology skills are an essential part of any HR professional’s job description, leadership is another. Many businesses have increased the amount of money they invest each year in retraining younger workers for leadership. In fact, a study in 2019 showed that leadership development spending saw a 170 percent gain. This increased spending is expected to continue going into the future as bridging the gap in leadership and technology skills among the younger workers is becoming more of a necessity as older workers exit the employment market.

More Diverse Workforce

One attribute that is expected to continue for decades to come is an increasingly diverse workforce. Well-educated, workers are coming from all aspects of life with varying ages, gender, and race. With the rise in flexibility for college education, more people are seeking out degrees than ever before. This has given HR professionals a more diverse workforce of applicants to choose from. No longer are they just looking at younger workers to fill the voids.

There is no doubt that the change in technology available to businesses across the globe is altering the future of HR for the better. From opening more diverse pools of applicants to allowing for outsourcing of technology skills to professional HR leadership firms, the role of HR is continually changing. As we get closer to approaching 2021, you can expect to undergo HR retraining to develop technology skills that are so fundamental to the growing trends in the industry.

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