High Paying Jobs with a Trade School Degree

Getting hired when you are over 50 can be challenging. That is especially true if you earned your degree 30 years ago or are looking to get a job in a new industry.

 If you want to find rewarding employment without having to complete years of schooling, you might want to look at trade or vocational schools. These schools give you a specialized education and do not require you to take general courses that are unrelated to your field of study. Most people can participate in an apprenticeship as part of their studies, getting hands-on experience immediately.

Trade school is especially convenient for people over 50. It allows them to find employment faster than someone who earns a four-year degree could. Getting hired may be easier when you are over 50 and have recently completed trade school.

Many people think that only graduates from conventional college or university earn high salaries. But a vocational school can also put you in the running to secure a high-paying job even if you are over 50. 

People in the trades and vocations listed below earn the highest salaries out of any vocational school graduate. 

Air Traffic Controller

You need only a few years of training to get employment as an air traffic controller. You might need an associate degree or experience in the military if you plan on getting hired. You will also need to undergo mental and physical health tests. But the reward is worth it.

The median pay for someone with employment as an air traffic controller is $124,540.

Margin Department Supervisor

Although you might imagine that trade schools prepare you for getting hired in a job as some type of laborer, you can work in an office after vocational school. That might be ideal for someone who is over 50. Margin department supervisors manage margins department operations. They keep an eye on account activity, approve, or deny credit and guarantee compliance with federal regulations. 

Sometimes, a margin department supervisor job requires a bachelor’s degree. However, more than half of the people that work in this position do not have one. You will usually get on-the-job training for about three to five years. 

The average income of someone with a margin department supervisor job is $125,080.

Construction Manager

Construction managers keep projects running smoothly, make sure that contractors adhere to deadlines and oversee operations and safety issues. This is a common program at vocational schools. Students will often work in various skilled trades as they learn how to oversee all the aspects of a construction project.

The median income of someone with employment as a construction manager is $93,000.

Radiation Therapist

 Radiation therapists administer X-rays and CT scans. They may also perform radiation treatment for cancer patients. You can enter this field with a vocational degree. You should have some experience working with people too. If you are over 50 and have a great bedside manner, this job might be perfect for you.

The median salary for a radiation therapist job is $82,330.

Elevator Repairer and Installer

Elevator installers and repairers make sure that you stay safe when traveling to different floors in multi-story buildings. If you plan on getting hired in this field, you may need to be on call throughout the day and night to deal with emergencies.

Many trade schools and vocational programs offer courses in elevator installation and repair. Most people who take this job must also complete an apprenticeship. This is a lucrative trade, but someone getting hired for this job cannot be afraid of heights. 

The median salary for an elevator installer and repairer is about $80,000. 

Dental Hygienist

To gain employment as a dentist, you must complete four years of undergraduate schooling, pass the Dental Admissions Test, or DAT, and earn a four-year doctorate degree. That seems like a lot of schooling for someone over 50.

But a dental hygienist needs only an associate degree. Many dental hygiene vocational programs allow you to earn an associate degree while you are studying, making getting hired after graduation easier.

The median salary for someone with employment as a dental hygienist is about $75,000.

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