Finding a Job After Age 50 

Even if you are over 50, you might not be ready to retire anytime soon. Perhaps you want employment to keep yourself busy, earn some extra income or be around other people every day. But it is not always easy for people over 50 to land a job.

Although age discrimination is illegal, companies may have a subconscious preference for younger workers. If you are over 50 and looking for a job, you can improve your chances of getting hired by following the tips below.

Begin Your Job Search Immediately

Hiring managers do not like to see a gap in your employment history. If you have lost or left your job, start looking for new employment right away. While waiting to begin our job search, you might also lose your motivation and get frustrated at the idea of getting hired. Optimize your chances by staying as active as possible in the workforce.

Connect with People

The chances are high that you have met plenty of people with employment connections throughout your life. Now’s the time to use your network for getting hired.

If you know employees at companies that you are interested in working for, let them know that you are in the market for a job. They may be able to put in a good word for you or connect you with the right people.

Having a personal contact means that someone can confirm that you’re an energetic, excellent worker no matter how old you are. Getting hired is easier when you have one foot in the door.

Do not Discuss Age

Never mention your age or the interviewer’s age when you are applying for a job. Commenting on other age-related events, such as when you or the interviewer graduated from college, could draw attention to how long you have been in the workforce. 

Show That You are a Team Player

Getting hired might be challenging if your supervisor is younger than you. Let them know that you understand what your role would be in the company.

Even if you are overqualified for the position, highlight the fact that you are a team player and can take direction well. You should also explain why your skills make you perfect for employment with them. Some hiring managers might see how many years of experience you have and assume that you will be bored in certain positions if you are over 50.

Edit the Resume

Even if you are proud of the job that you got right out of college, you do not necessarily need to include it on your resume if you are over 50. Companies want to know how you are valuable to them now.

Emphasize your recent accomplishments. Talk about new skills that you have acquired or old skills that helped you in your last position. Focus on providing your employment highlights from the past 10 years. Including your life story might not help you when you are getting hired. 

Show Them That You are Tech-Savvy

When you are over 50 and seeking employment, you will find that many people assume that you are not good with technology. You must show that you are comfortable with digital media and computers on your resume and during the interview.

Some ways for people over 50 to do this include adding the URL for your LinkedIn profile to your resume, talking about contributions you’ve made to authority websites and blogs and discussing something that an employee posted on social media.

Getting hired when you’re over 50 doesn’t have to be difficult. Age should not matter in the hiring process. Showcase your strengths and highlight the value that you will bring to the company no matter how old you are.

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