Companies Know the Benefits of Hiring People with Special Needs

Unfortunately, many people who have autism are currently unemployed or underemployed. Depending on the study you use, this percentage varies from 66 to 86 percent. Thankfully, this hiring problem is starting to change. Finally, employers are starting to recognize the benefits of having a different perspective in their workplaces.

A few decades ago, there were no employers hiring people who were on the spectrum. Now, major companies are actively working to give a job opportunity to people with autism. Google, Microsoft and Ford are all major businesses that are actively marketing jobs to people who are on the spectrum.

Why Do Employers Want a Different Perspective?

Finding a job opportunity is easier today for people who are on the spectrum. Part of the reason for this may be that there is an increased awareness of autism. In addition, more people are getting diagnosed as well. The increased rate of diagnosis is partially because there are now broader criteria for diagnosing patients. This means that some people are being diagnosed who are less disabled than before, which makes it easier for them to find and accept a job opportunity.

There is also a growing need for employees who have different perspectives and skills. Many of the thought patterns people who are on the spectrum have are useful for hiring managers. Talents like being dependable, detail-oriented and passionate are all desirable traits for employers. Plus, many people who are on the spectrum do not have a desire for change or novelty. This makes them ideally suited for jobs that are repetitive or boring.

The Top Employers for People With Autism

Now that hiring managers and major corporations know how talented people with autism are, there is a greater demand for this group of workers. The following companies are more than just welcoming for people who have a different perspective. They also have programs that actively give jobs to people who have autism. If you or someone you know is looking for a job opportunity, the following companies are a good place to start.

Microsoft: At companies like Microsoft, there are programs such as the Autism Hiring Program. The goal of these programs is to give people with autism a job opportunity.

Ernst and Young: This accounting firm has found success through hiring individuals who are on the spectrum.

Freddie Mac: This government lender actively looks for people who have a different perspective. Freddie Mac believes that people who are on the spectrum have the unique traits they need.

AMC: This employer strives to hire people with disabilities for competitive positions in its theaters.

Walgreens: Walgreens actively trains externs who have disabilities for other companies.

Sap: This German company has set a goal of hiring 650 colleagues who are on the autism spectrum by 2020.

Ford: Ford works with Autism Alliance of Michigan to figure out which jobs are ideal for people who are on the spectrum. This employer has gone through each position to figure out which ones are better for people with different kinds of disabilities.

Home Depot and CVS Caremark: Both of these companies strive to recruit and train people who have disabilities.

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