About Us

Welcome to Bridge to Biz,

The only professional networking site that delivers an all-inclusive platform that uses a new approach to bridge education and jobs. We help you navigate the workforce by providing knowledge, capability, and careers to connectPeople to Business.


To provide the most current analysis of educational and job opportunities (including those with Special Needs and Veterans) that support reaching your full potential and provide a look to the future to assist in career decisions. We want to help educate you to market yourself to land a good job.


The mission of Bridge to Biz is to provide an all-inclusive site to bridge the gap between education hurdles and career opportunities; no matter what stage of life you are in. Our site provides a comprehensive platform to the traditional job search by providing resources in Education, Veterans benefits, and tools for individuals with Special Needs. Our site can be used to bridge your dreams and aspirations to the workforce.

Our Story

We are a veteran owned and women owned professional networking website that commenced operations on June 1, 2018, with its headquarters in Springfield, VA. The founder and CEO of the company is Christine H. Stinson, a former Army veteran, who has a passion to provide an all-inclusive professional network site that offers education, resources, tips, training, job searches and career support in a single website.

What this Means to You

This site was developed to provide a “One Stop Shop” to help students, parents, schools, veterans, people wanting start a business, mentors who want to give back to help our future leaders in industry and people with special needs.