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Let us Help you Transition From Military Service. With Bridge to Biz you can Find Jobs, Reach Your Education Goals, and get Started With Small Business.

How Can We Help

Bridge to Biz is a site that assists in bringing resources to achieve your educational goals, assist service members transitioning to civilian life, provide a job board for those looking for a job (civilian and Government), online courses and tutorials to navigate sites and resources for those with special needs and for those wanting to start a business.

Find Jobs

Looking for a Job? We have all the tools you need.


Start connecting and have a conversation with other members; we can learn a lot from each other


We offer educational goals, online courses and provide tutorials to navigate the VA and SBA


Check out our blog for some useful content; our site has tools to help everyone

About Us

We are a woman owned business

Bridge to Biz provides resources for those pursuing new opportunities such as a new career, transitioning from the military, finding a vocational skill or higher education program, and opportunities for those with special needs. Let us help you with Job Searches, Education Goals, Small Business Opportunities, Transition Support, and our Mentoring Program.

Who Can Benefit From Our Site

We provide resources and knowledge through blogs, articles, tutorials, online courses and our mentorship program to help you plan your path to success.

High School Graduates

Options on what you can do after high school

Changing Careers

Up to date job board and online courses to expand your knowledge

College Students

Job board and mentorship program to help you plan your career path

People With Special Needs

Job board, resources on getting a job, going to school and other benefits afforded to you

Transitioning Service Members

Job board, online courses, tutorials to navigate the VA website


Helpful tips and guides on what you need to know to start a business

Parents With Special Needs Kids

A section specifically to help you navigate what resources are available to your child, such as education, grants, and Gov’t programs to name a few

Taking Online Courses

This is for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge. We offer over 200 courses for a wide range of skills and industries

Our Experience

Bridge to Biz is comprised of all former Service Members who know how hard it is to transition from military life to the civilian world. Let us help you make that transition a little bit more easier.


Don’t take our word for it, hear what our happy clients have to say
Bridge to Biz has a lot of information and helpful tips for transitioning Soldiers. I’m leaving the military in a year and this site has given me a lot to think about and provided me with a head start.
Stanley S
Seattle, WA

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